The following rules are made up by the organization with the purpose of keeping order and a good atmosphere at the EC Motoball campsite at all times. Guests are urged to obey to these rules in order to avoid unpleasant situations for themselves and for fellow visitors. Our staff will ensure that the rules are followed.

We would like to emphasize that the entire EC Motoball 2016 event is carried out solely by volunteering staff. Therefore the organization would like to request all guests to respect the staff’s effort and follow their instructions at all times.

Strict against offenders
All guests will have to strictly obey to the campsite rules during the entire EC Motoball event. Deliberate offending of the rules will irrevocably result in removal from the campsite terrain by the security staff.

Opening hours
Our campsite opens on Monday July 25th at 1200hrs and closes on Monday August 1st at 1100hrs.It is not possible to make use of the campsite facilities before or after these hours.

As families with children will make use of the campsite along with all others, silence should be strictly respected after 2200hrs.

Our campsite is kept free of cars. This means that after your camping gear has been taken out, your car will have to be removed and parked at the car park. Your car is not allowed on the campsite until the moment that you are packing your gear again to leave the campsite.

Our campsite is only available for cars, caravans and motor homes with a maximum weight of 3.500kg. Lorries and large trailers are not allowed at the campsite. Your vehicle(s) will be checked upon arrival.

Installing tents, parking caravans, motor homes etc.
Registering yourself at the campsite manager is the first thing to do on arrival. Our staff will point you towards the campsite on the EC Motoball event terrains.

For safety reasons a maximum of 15 persons per tent should be respected and the maximum size of a tent is 30m2 (e.g. 6 x 5 meter)

NOTE that the 3.5mtr wide paths at the EC Motoball event terrains, including the emergency exits, are to be kept clear at all times by the order of the fire department. These areas are marked with barrier tape.

Our campsite offers a number of electrical connection locations (230V), which can be connected to by using electrical extension cables that are supplied by the guest. All our connections are earthed (schuko). The organization does not take any responsibility for damage to electrical gear that is, or has been connected to the event’s electricity connections.

Keep our campsite clean
Our guests will be handed out garbage bags and sufficient garbage collection facilities are provided to keep the campsite nice and tidy. Collection facilities will be emptied every day of the event. Guests are urged to keep their site clean and to clean up after themselves when leaving the campsite. Be specially aware of culets and tent pegs as, after the event, the neighboring farmer’s cattle will use the terrain again as their home ground. In the case of leaving excessive waste behind, the cost for waste removal will be reclaimed from the polluter.

No open fire
By the order of the fire department, open fire is strictly prohibited at our campsite. This includes torches, joy fires and braziers. It should be realized that an innocent little fire could have disastrous effects when flashing over to a tent, caravan or other camping gear.

NO oversized stereo gear
Oversized stereo gear, as well as megaphones, which will make the entire campsite enjoy your favorite music or voice, are not permitted. Small sized stereo gear is only allowed at the discretion of the campsite manager. Singing and partying is only allowed to the extent of your neighbors not being affected by it in a negative manner. Any stereo gear is to be turned off after 2200hrs.

NO beer or wine dispensers
Beer or wine dispensers of any kind (both domestic and professional) are NOT allowed at our campsite. They will be confiscated by the organization and can only be reclaimed by the owner after the EC Motoball event.

Organisation staff will be present at the campsite 24/7 and will be clearly recognizable. They are there in the best interest of the guests and will be happy to answer your questions. The organization will have the final word to any situation that is not covered by these campsite rules.

The organization of the EC Motoball event takes no responsibility for any damage, loss or theft of property. Entering and using the campsite is at your own risk.

Sanitary facilities
The campsite is fitted out with shower and toilet facilities. These facilities are kept clean by the organization on a regular basis, though guests are urged to do their best to keep the facilities nice and tidy at all times as well. Furthermore guests are requested to report any deficiencies immediately to the campsite manager.

The organization wishes you a beautiful EC Motoball 2016 event!

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